Athens Art Guild Selling Membership

The Athens Art Guild Selling Group Membership Application is for those who want to join the Guild and sell their artwork at Guild curated events.


As a selling member of the Guild, you will have access to all Guild resources and activities. In addition, you can participate in selling opportunities via Guild curated events such as the Art Market at the Athens Farmers Market and the Holiday Shoppe.

Please fill out the form and wait for an invitation to jury your art.

For more information about selling with the Guild, please go to the online application form here:

Two Ways to Sign-Up

Online Form

Use this button to go to the online Membership form and follow the instructions you’ll find there. Please remember to come back here to pay your dues!

Print and Snail-Mail

Use this button to pull up the PDF Membership form and follow the instructions you’ll find there.

We use PayPal to collect donations online. Please tap the PayPal button below to pay for your $25 dues.

Pay Your Dues Here

New and Renewals: Selling Membership Dues

If you are a new member or you are an existing member and you are not current on your Supporting Member dues, please do so here.